Mientras revivo, acuden primaveras a mi memoria.

Lágrimas de miel.

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Ya hemos pasado tantas cosas y hoy llegó el día que esperaba desde aquel 15 de agosto, ¡dijo que sí!😍 gracias por todo mi amor, empezamos una nueva etapa llena de bendiciones y la avanzaremos juntos👫 te amo muchísimo costalito🍁💕.
Decoraciones nuevas on Flickr.

Decoraciones nuevas on Flickr.

When life gives you lemons by J Trav on Flickr.



Here’s a rabbit you don’t see everyday: meet Wizard (A687884)!

I have dealt with shelter rabbits for over six years now and this is the second poofiest rabbit I’ve ever seen. Wizard came to the shelter from a hoarder with about 20 other rabbits, but he definitely stands out in a crowd. I didn’t even know how to take his photo, because he hardly looks like a rabbit!

Wizard’s a shy guy, coming from a tough situation, who really needs a new start in life. He needs a home that will give him good food, space to roam, a good brushing every week, and lots of love. He’s a sweet, gentle boy, he just needs that perfect family to help bring him out of his shell.

All animals on this blog are available at Toronto Animal Services South Region (a public shelter) where I volunteer. Rabbit adoption fees are $45.20 and all rabbits are fixed and microchipped. If you’re interested or want more information, send me an ask!

If Wizard wasn’t so far away I would take him!!!

La Venus😝 #finish

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Esto es lo que amo y por lo que vivo, esto somos nosotros, te amo😍💕🍁 #me #bae #love #selfie